A Timelord's Blog

Mar 5

"Russian Crater" - RP

It was evident that something spectacular happened. The ice was cracked, melted and steam billowed from the near perfect hole in the ice. A man in a ski coat stood on the ice, checkered scarf firmly tied around his neck, his collar popped up and his hands in his pocket. They weren’t forced into his pockets and he didn’t shiver like everyone else who stood near the crater.

His eyes, however, scanned the area almost perfectly. He picked out large chunks of rock, still smoldering and still hot enough to melt the ice around them. He watched people juggle the chunks and drop them and smuggle them away, presumably to sell on EBay, their faces and gestured said so. He grinned slightly.

Almost as soon as it had started, people vanished back into their homes. What was momentarily the next “Big Thing” was not unsightly. Ah well, He thought, at least the rest of the world will get some hype. 

His attention was suddenly taken away from the crater. He felt as if he was being watched. His eyes scanned the horizon and nearby forests…